INK BOMB - Fiction

Ink Bomb - Fiction

11 songs
24:23 minutes
***** ****


Three years ago, I favourably reviewed the first EP by Dutch melodic punk quartet Ink Bomb. I missed out on their second EP the following year, but now am more than happy to be spending time first their first longplayer Fiction which comes out in the record summer of 2019. Stylistically, not much has changed with Ink Bomb. They are still rooted firmly in the Nineties and certainly have listened to their share of No Fun At All, Bad Religion, Descendents and the likes. Also their songs are still concise, with only the acoustic Cauterize towards the end of the album making it over three minutes. Their musical orientation combines righteous anger about the shit that is currently going on in the world with an unperturbable melodic approach that never sounds too sweet.

The album begins with a handful of fiercer tracks before the middle of the record is graced with more melancholic pieces that work totally in the bandís favour. Sternschanze is a masterpiece of melodic punk rock that Bad Religion couldnít have done better, and the final verse in German language comes with a endearingly charming Dutch accent. Scourge is incredibly angry, and justifiably so, and still manages to come up with an unforgettable chorus. Midnight In The Desert is a singalong track if I have ever heard one. Ink Bomb are still the masters of the two-minute format, and that makes Fiction, despite containing eleven track, still a rather short longplayer at hardly twenty-five minutes. But donít let yourself deterred by its short length, because this is an energetic punk rock album without any unnecessary lengths and lyrics that will make you think twice about the state of the world right now. This also explains the album title Fiction, relating on the one hand to the post-truth society we are living in, but on the other hand also emphasising how important fiction is in literature to convey ideas to expand our minds and personalities. There are lots of good melodic punk bands around, but few grab your minds, hearts and guts just the way Ink Bomb from the Netherlands do.

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