JAHROOM - Snegiri

Jahroom - Snegiri

4 songs
18:31 minutes
***** **


Founded in 2011, Jahroom is an instrumental psychedelic noise trio from Moscow. Their first EP Nyx was released in 2012, followed by the longplayer Cut-Price Goods three years later. Their second EP Snegiri has been out now for a while and offers four tracks that display the bandís breadth of repertoire. Their songs have since the beginning always been titled "cut" followed by a number, and the new EP starts actually with cut-1, a one-minute short energetic piece of music which to my ears sounds as if it has been cut from something longer. Nice though to set the mood. Up next is cut-37, showing the band from their most punk side. The music here sounds like an instrumental Dead Kennedys at times, although there are also some of Jahroomís trademark psychedelic stoner elements present. cut-38 is at nearly seven minutes the EPís longest track, and also my personal highlight. The song plays with some fancy rhythmic parts, giving it a certain progressive touch. The concluding cut-39 is a more regular track again, steadily rooted in the bandís gnarly psyche rock sound.

While the material on this short EP is varied enough to make the short twenty-minute running time a pleasant affair, it needs to be seen if the Russian trio can also entertain on a longplayer. They are fan-friendly though, as you can download their music on their Bandcamp page for whatever amount of money you like. So far the band has released thirteen tracks from an output of probably thirty-nine cuts. It remains to be seen if some of the not yet published music Ė I am thinking here cuts 8 to 20 for instance Ė will one day see the light of day. Until then I advise you to check out their album and EPs. Fans on instrumental rock music with lots of rough edges will be mightily pleased by Snegiri.

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