Jane Doe And The Black Bourgeoises - Pretty Terror

13 songs
45:10 minutes
***** ***
M & O


Even though Belgium shares a border with Luxembourg, we donít get so often albums from our neighbours from the West. At first I thought the band was called Pretty Terror, but soon I found out that I mistook the album title for the band name. The latter is actually called Jane Doe and the Black Bourgeoises, comes from the town La LouviŤre located about sixty kilometres south of Brussels, and have just released their third album.

Since 2012, the Belgians are touring stages all over Europe and have played already about 150 shows. Energetic front woman Jane Doe is the centre of attention with her animalistic nature. From a musical perspective, we get a mix of 80s glam, vintage rock, dirty pop and glam punk. Taking inspiration from the 70s to the 90s, Jane Doe and the Black Bourgeoises create a product that goes straight for the throat. The songs are extremely catchy and quite compact, rarely making it over four minutes. The album has a truly rocking start with Donít Wanna Close My Eyes and Chubby Love, both tracks that show parallels to the legendary Runaways. Jane Doe has a rough and jaded voice, not unlike Joan Jett. This is followed by a surprising turn with Roaming In The City and The Class where a more commercial electronic approach made me think of Blondie. The noisy title track could have made it as one of the better songs of L7. Even the gloomy ballad Field Of Pain can convince thoroughly. The following Misfit is a punk song that has not only a little in common with Iggy Pop. Only towards the end the band seems to be running a bit out of ideas, with the last two tracks Woman and The Thrill dabbling in mid-tempo territory and not really reaching the quality of the preceding material.

But still, retro doesnít have to sound boring, as has been proven by Jane Doe and the Black Bougeoises on their third album. As I am not familiar with the bandís previous outings, Pretty Terror was a pleasant surprise for me. The band has proven that they can ably perform in the most diverse styles like rock, punk, synth pop,... They wonít get a prize for innovation, but people over forty will get a lot of memories from their youth when listening to the Belgiansí music.

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