JESUS CRÖST - Die Tonmeisterei Sessions

Jesus Cröst - Die Tonmeisterei Sessions

71 songs
50:51 minutes
***** ***
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I admit it: the only reason I wanted to review this album was the fact that it comes with seventy-one tracks that only barely make it over fifty minutes. Fact of the matter is that this is a retrospective CD containing three full length albums and one EP by this Rotterdam based grindcore duo. Meaning that full length means about twenty minutes for this band. Ever since hearing the first Napalm Death album from the early Eighties, I had a knack for uncompromising grindcore. In the case of Jesus Cröst, we have one of the most radical bands. The songs average less than a minute, and as the four retrospective albums have been recorded at the same studio, notably Die Tonmeisterei, we get a homogenous sound throughout the album which also sounds very bad-ass from beginning to end. Even the lack of a bass guitar doesn’t make a negative impression, as the guitar has enough low sounds to give the music enough depth.

What else can be said about this discography CD? First of all, it is not complete, as far as I can see, but probably only contains the material recorded at the Tonmeisterei studio. Also the music on this album has been originally released between 2008 and 2014, the year when the band broke up. One of the musicians is now a member in Sick Of Stupidity. Then, most funny of all, one EP and one LP dealt exclusively with soccer, where especially 1986 dedicated every song to a soccer player from the FIFA World Cup that took place in Mexico. As far as I remember (I was fourteen years old back then), lots of soccer players had a hard case of Montezuma’s Revenge, so that the inside of their stomachs probably felt like a grindcore party.

In some ways, this naming of songs after soccer players is to sport what back in the early 2000’s Blöödhag was to science fiction and fantasy literature. And frankly, I always love a concept, because it makes the final product more intriguing.

While Jesus Cröst may always have been a rather underground grindcore band, their well produced and ultra-brutal blastspeed grindcore should appeal to all those that are looking for something truly extreme!

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