KARABOOZA - Hellseeker

Karabooza - Hellseeker

10 songs
34:25 minutes
***** **
The Finest Noise


Even though the Koblenz based musicians from Karabooza are not the youngest anymore, and have played already in other bands, they still sound very fresh on their debut longplayer Hellseeker. The music is definitely less metal than the title might make you expect. In fact the musicians’ aim is to combine rock music of earlier decades with more current rock music.

Or, if you want to be mean, the band tries ceaselessly to sound like Volbeat. This is mostly because of the guitar playing and the vocals that sounds occasionally tortured. This doesn’t mean that Hellseeker is a bad album, but Karabooza will certainly not get a prize for originality. The songs are very direct, not really complicated and know how to entertain, although you shouldn’t expect any surprises. Some songs, like the title track and Reveal The Unseen, are somewhat melancholic, but that’s something you also encounter with Volbeat when they are on their Elvis metal trip.

I know that this review is shorter than the ones I usually write, but there is really not much more to say about Karabooza. Maybe they would be more successful as a cover band. But as long as they are having a good time, one shouldn’t hinder them from playing their music which is despite its lack of originality quite entertaining.

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