Kobra And The Lotus - Prevail I

10 songs
45:33 minutes
***** ***


Although Canadian hard rock / heavy metal band Kobra And The Lotus, fronted by energetic frontwoman Kobra Paige (by the way the only remaining member from the initial line-up), has been around since 2008, I only got to know them quite recently. I was lucky to see them by chance in the Netherlands at the Female Metal Event, and was instantly impressed by the charismatic Kobra Paige and her four musicians.

I was therefore looking forward to their new album Prevail I and got just what I expected. Similar to their great predecessor High Priestess, the band understands how to craft a perfect balance between heaviness and catchiness. The opener Gotham is a solid heavy rocker with lots of pace changes that convinces with its hymn-like chorus. Itís the vocalistís expressive voice that takes centre stage, and it shouldnít surprise anybody that she enjoyed a classic vocal education. The first single You Donít Know is also quite the hit, and even though it comes with a more commercial touch, itís once again the catchy chorus that will make you remember this song. The band also has a more melancholic side, as can be heard on Trigger Pulse and on the six and a half minutes long Specimen X (The Mortal Chamber), which might even appeal to open-minded gothic metal fans. The progressive Manifest Destiny shows once again a different side, with the band reminding of their fellow compatriot Devin Townsend. Light Me Up is a quiet track with a solemn mood which I wouldnít have expected in that way from Kobra And The Lotus. The instrumental Check The Phyrg is another surprise and gives the musicians an opportunity to show off their skills. The album ends with the title track, an excellent conclusion that invites to sing along.

Kobra And The Lotus show with their new album that timeless heavy metal can still sound timely in this day and age. Those who like bands like Halestorm, Benedictum, Huntress, Beneath The Archers,... will definitely have no complaints with Kobra And The Lotus, a band that has proven repeatedly their talents. Letís hope that the band will get the recognition they deserve, and that it wonít take another three years for the follow-up Prevail II to see the light of day.

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