KWIRL - Wir kommen in Frieden

Kwirl - Wir kommen in Frieden

13 songs
40:40 minutes
***** ***
The Finest Noise


Kwirl is an indie rock band from Cologne, Germany that has been founded back in 1996. At the end of the last millennium, they released two albums they are not so proud of anymore. They also contributed a cover version of U2ís With Or Without You to the Punk Chartbusters Vol. 2 compilation, and soon after the band broke apart. They got back together in 2012, but it took them until 2018 before the comeback album Wir kommen in Frieden was ready.

Considering how long the bandís been around, itís no surprise that their music aims at the zeitgeist of the Nineties. Kwirl somehow stand for pop, punk, indie, lo-fi,... all of them genres which were really popular in the second half of that decade. The first bands that came to mind were Dinosaur Jr. and Sonic Youth, maybe because Kwirlís songs are quite compact and catchy, finding a good balance between the melodic and the noisy. Occasional punk elements creep in from time to time, as on Dead Man Walking which could also have come from Joe Strummer. Waiting For reminded me of Sleaford Mods, and the especially melodic Money owes a lot of Weezer. The lyrics are in English, Spanish and German. Of the latter songs, I want to point out Alkohol and Ein neuer Tag which made me think of Selig and Rio Reiser. Nearly Dying, at four and a half minutes the albumís longest track, comes across as a more traditional rock song.

Wir kommen in Frieden Ė We come in peace Ė does its title justice, and the Soviet cosmonaut artwork is also very appealing. Kwirlís music sounds innocently pretty and free of all outside pressure. Germany had an impressive indie noise rock scene in the late Nineties, and itís exactly that sound that Kwirl are happily adopting. That musical genre definitely has passed the test of time, and even though one might point out that Kwirl at times recycle their own ideas, thatís only a minor complaint. A carefree nostalgic trip into the last years of the previous millennium is what you get with this band.

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