MINGAWASH - Imposteur

Mingawash - Imposteur

11 songs
42:00 minutes
***** ***
M & O


That Belgium has become a really strong football nation these last years should be known even by those not so much into that sport. When it comes to music, the development has not been as steep at our Western and Northern neighbour, whereas Germany in the East and France in the South have come up with some really interesting bands. But then there is the quite extroverted fusion metal band Mingawash who released EPs in 2015 and 2016, and now are ready with their first longplayer Imposteur. As the music is open to fun, the band decided to release the record on April 1st.

Mingawash play fusion metal, something which otherwise might be known as crossover metal. The band consists of seven musicians: two vocalists, two guitarist, a bass player, a drummer and an effects person. They try to combine rather hard-hitting metal with lots of percussion of groove, so that at times you might be reminded of Rage Against The Machine, Green Jelly or Dog Eat Dog. This may sound a little like yesterday, but elder music listeners might get a surge of nostalgia. Also Mingawash perform their music in such a crass and shocking way that you will soon find yourself interested, if not necessary fascinated.

Just take a look at the videoclip of Pornographique. The song is rather straight and reminds a little of Trust, but the visuals speak a whole different language. Thereís implied sexual intercourse, drug use, transvestites,... which might scare off the more delicate among viewers. But even without visual enhancement, Mingawash know, unlike Steel Panther for instance, how to rock on CD. Their songs are very playful and full of pleasant surprises. Despite a few brutal moments, as on Bande organisťe, there are always melodic parts that guarantee catchiness. On Chop Ton Biker, they use death metal growls before continuing in a groovier way. Joujou is the albumís most playful track and works also really well.

Mingawash are to heavy metal what Deadpool is to comics. Even though their mascot is not an anti-hero but a panda bear, they donít need to hide behind it. Their fizzy mix of metal, tribal and humour, which you might as well call fusion, is good, dirty fun, adult only possibly, but definitely recommendable.

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