MY OWN GHOST - Love Kills

My Own Ghost - Love Kills

12 songs
54:06 minutes
***** **
Secret Entertainment


In the early days of the millennium, the Emergenza Newcomer festival was a competition for young bands from Luxembourg to get the chance to play on foreign stages. Back then some really good bands made their first steps, although other ones may only be paid respect to enter the stage in the total absence of talent. DisAgreement Online had a really good time writing about those bands, not always in a very well behaved way. I especially remember CorrXion, back then an awkward student band, although their bassist later played with Clean State and is now active with the very popular Sleepers’ Guilt. Their vocalist Julie has also had many different bands since then, and has now landed with her new band My Own Ghost.

Despite being totally prejudiced, I have to concede that their debut album Love Kills isn’t that bad at all. The opener Crimson Ground is the perfect object-lesson on how symphonic gothic metal has to sound. One may blame the band of having chosen their best song right at the beginning, but the following material isn’t bad either. The beginning of Lost reminds me of Bronski Beat’s Smalltown Boy, and the musicians prove that they are also quite adept at mellower sounds, even if they might be labelled “mostly harmless”. My Own Ghost’s major strength is their perfect flair for melodies, not unlike Dutch gothic metal band Delain who also have a female vocalist. Throughout the album, My Own Ghost prove that it is possible to combine elements from metal, pop and electro. The songs never use the same proportions of said ingredients, but nevertheless during the second half one gets occasionally the impression of having encountered already a certain idea. This isn’t a major problem though as the songwriting quality is constantly high, except maybe for Pathways which sounds just too much like the Cranberries’ Zombie. The band is making up for that deficit with the concluding Intoxicated which ends the album in a very bombastic way.

Knowing their vocalist’s antecedents, I am surprised at what a nice surprise My Own Ghost turned out to be. The band is on the right path, even if some details may need some more elaboration. Love Kills may be deemed a mainstream album, but it is definitely better than most music that is currently played on commercial radio stations. Fans of Evanescence and the like should definitely check out My Own Ghost.

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