NAWATHER - Wasted Years

Nawather - Wasted Years

9 songs
42:56 minutes
***** ****
M & O


Combining metal and oriental folklore is something most people associate with Orphaned Land from Israel. I am happy to announce that I have come across Nawather from Tunisia, as it is quite rare to come across metal bands from Muslim countries. Some of the musicians have been active since the early millennium under the name Agony’s Serenades but changed their name to Nawather in 2013.

Their first album Wasted Years starts with a typical oriental sounding intro, but soon enough guitars and bass enter the stage in a steady dynamic progression. It is obvious from the beginning that the musicians are quite talented. The idea of combining traditional and modern genres feels like the leitmotif of the album. Just like in gothic metal, even if in a different way, Nawather use the interaction of male and female vocals. While Ryma sticks to the oriental sounds, Raouf’s screams and growls add the metal component. Even though the male vocals are very effective, it’s the female ones that are the most fascinating, with their hypnotic and conjuring qualities. The game of contrasts on Wasted Years has a very intriguing appeal, and I really do like to repeatedly listen to the playful parts, as can be heard on Defnouna and Succubus Romance, for instance. The remaining material is also very convincing. Only Raped Dreams is a little out of line with its more classic symphonic gothic metal approach.

If a holiday in North Africa is too expensive or rather too dangerous right now, you can mentally travel to this exotic location with the music of Nawather. Oriental music is not used merely as a gimmick, but works as an integral part of the music that has the same role as the metal elements. Nawather are definitely not your typical metal band. Anyone who wants to experience a perfect blend of Oriental folklore with skilful metal will be plentifully rewarded by Wasted Years.

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