NO NEED TO STAY - Persona Obscura

No Need To Stay - Persona Obscura

10 songs
34:25 minutes
***** ****
Time Zone


No Need To Stay are a very young post hardcore band from Germany. The five musicians founded the band in 2013, and release their debut album two years later. Persona Obscura is not only an energetic album, but deals with a musician who is selling his soul to the devil. Conceptually this is very close to Goetheís Faust.

Considering that the band hasnít been together for that long, it has to be said that they sound already impressively mature and ambitious. On the one hand the band is no stranger to brutal hardcore riffs. On the other hand they are open to many other elements, which is shown by integrating melodic and atmospheric parts that give the music a very dramatic feeling. The charismatic vocals are just as varied, ranging from screaming to clean parts. Especially the choruses are really catchy and offer comparisons to Linkin Park. The voice also draws parallels to Mike Patton, which should be considered quite the compliment. Sands Of Time, the first part of the Nightmare Saga, successfully combines groovy and heavy moments. There are even rap and dubstep parts that are seamlessly integrated into the music. A really great video has been made for the second part of the Nightmare Saga, The Undead Diner, a song which starts in a brutal and hectic way before veering into a more symphonic direction. I am a bit surprised that the band didnít choose Oktavia as a single, as this melodic track should have more commercial appeal. Another highlight is A Million Nights with surprises time and again with its smart arrangements.

No Need To Stay prove on their debut album that young modern bands actually can delight people that have been listening to music for many decades. A band that has the guts to combine so skilfully so many different genres deserves to be called innovative. You should really check out these newcomers. They truly have earned your attention!

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