NOVEMBER-7 - Awaraxid 7mg

November-7 - Awaraxid 7mg

10 songs
40:07 minutes
***** ***


Even though November-7 are located in Switzerland, the six musicians come from three different countries. Two thirds of the band members are Swiss, but one guitarist is from England and the vocalist from Italy. The band has been around for ten years and has released already two CDs, two live albums, two EPs and a couple of singles.

November-7 try, despite having a female singer, not to sound like your typical gothic metal band. Their intention is to enhance the gothic genre with industrial elements, trying to combine fast, heavy riffs with melodic vocals. To achieve a modern sound, the band uses samples, vocal effects and keyboards, which makes for their industrial component. As a contrast we have the melodic voice of Annamaria Cozza who convinces with clear vocals as well as with screams. The band doesn’t try to copy any old gothic metal band. The singer’s firm voice reminded me at times of Björk gone metal, even if there are no other parallels to be found between both artists. November-7’s song are very rhythmic and show a lot of groove, generating a contemporary sound that fortunately doesn’t show parallels to the meanwhile outdated nu metal sound. The band is relying on the traditional symphonic metal sound only on two tracks, one of which is the first single Another Day. The album concludes with two quieter songs, both of which show switch between ballad and rock moments.

Although November-7 haven’t invented anything entirely new with Awaraxid 7mg, they nevertheless have achieved an interesting sound which is full of suspense and doesn’t feel like a pale imitation. Even though the band has firmly resided in the underground since their inception, they have always been very busy artists, and the experience of all these years has turned their newest album into an excellent affair.

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