OT&DO - OT&DO At The Place

OT&DO - OT&DO At The Place

8 songs
32:46 minutes
***** ***


Saint Petersburg based trio OT&DO started in the early years of the millennium, but itís only since the current decade that they started playing serious live shows. So far, they released a short album in late 2017, and are now back with a slightly longer although still relatively short live album that has also been recorded in 2017 but only saw the light of day in the summer of 2019.

OT&DO are an instrumental band, with the musicians performing keyboards, bass guitar and drums. Occasionally they are joined by guest musicians, which also happens later on this live album. Stylistically they are an instrumental progressive rock band with strong influences from classical and jazz music. The opener Sonata instantly gives a good view what their music is about, by melting fusion jazz rock parts with modern classical arrangements that remind me of George Gershwin who by the way had Eastern European ancestors. The following Countdown comes with a really warm keyboard sounds that reminds me of early Eighties progressive rock, especially German pop prog band Anyoneís Daughter come to mind. Really heart-warming stuff! May I is a rhythmically more intricate piece where maybe not every not is hit at the right pitch but itís still an entertaining piece of music. Night With You once again comes with this great warm keyboard sound, but thatís not everything which makes OT&DOís music so good. They also manage to keep their songs concise and teeming with memorable hooks and melodies. Circus Burnt comes with a more bouncy attitude, fitting with its title. Then the band is joined by a saxophonist and a guitarist, pushing the next two pieces Yalta and To Yrania into a Latin jazz fusion direction. While I prefer the bandís more austere trio sound, itís still impressive how different they are in an augmented line-up. The concluding Road To Caribs is then the band together with the guitarist, ending the album in an upbeat way.

If youíre interested by now, youíll be glad to learn that you can download everything these guys have put on Bandcamp for free. I donít understand why they donít offer the option to pay what you want, because they definitely deserve to be remunerated for their great efforts. OT&DO At The Place is an unpretentious, rather short, not always played in a pitch perfect way, but itís the trioís direct in-your-face attitude that makes listening to this album a tremendously rewarding experience. I hope they will soon release more new material.

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