PEROPERO - Lizards

PeroPero - Lizards

8 songs
37:55 minutes
***** **
Panta R+E


PeroPero is a progressive metal / math rock duo from Austria, but currently residing in Berlin. Despite only being two people, Juliam Adam Pajzs (vocals, guitar, synth programming) and Valentin Schuster (drums) manage to sound like a complete band, even though they do without a bass guitar. Both musicians have their roots in the jazz scene, but always took an interest in metal, so that they decided in 2012 to combine elements of the two genres. In 2015 their first album Milk was released, followed now by its successor Lizards, which has been co-financed by a crowdfunding campaign.

The album contains eight tracks that are all rather compact at a total running time of not even forty minutes. The short spoken word intro is followed by the opener The Royal Banquet Hall, a very complex piece that has been thought through from the first to the last note. The guitar is shedding riff after riff, and the drums are also relentlessly busy. The synthesisers also have a very dominant role, adding a certain progressive metal flair. The vocals are rather sparse, but whenever they surface, they are quite dramatic and show parallels to Devin Townsend. The music is also quite noisy and is definitely anything but easy listening. There are no doubts about the musical skills of the musicians, but sometimes a little less would have been more. The songs concentrate their energies too much on the rhythms, with the melodic component losing itself a little in the background. The lyrics are similarly weird like the music. The musicians, who seemed rather extroverted during an interview I had with them, like to dabble in conspiracy theories, with the Reptiloid takeover of planet Earth taking centre stage on Lizards.

Next to their second album, PeroPero will release this Autumn a film which will be half movie, half documentary, dealing with the bandís recent tour in Japan. As Japan is the home of crazy bands like Ruins, Guitar Wolf and Melt Banana, itís no surprise that they also love the bold and reckless sound of PeroPero. Math rock fetishists will have the time of their life with Lizards, although regular rock fans might find all of this too extreme and disturbing. But I suggest you should check it out and decide for yourself.

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