PRYAPISME - Epic Loon (Video Game Soundtrack)

Pryapisme - Epic Loon (Video Game Soundtrack)

29 songs
78:30 minutes
***** ****


Having been around since the early days of the millennium, French avantgarde madmen Pryapisme have worked on their trademark sound for nearly two decades now, culminating in their Futurologie EP in 2015, an incredible twenty-minute avant prog rollercoaster joyride, and then last year with Diabolicus Felinae Pandemonium which took things even further and received a maximum rating on this website. If you believed that they couldnít get any crazier, you are sorely mistaken. In fact, they got an assignment to write a soundtrack for the video game Epic Loon, which just like them loves the early console games but also trashy VHS horror and science fiction films of the Eighties and Nineties. What could go wrong?

Frankly, a lot could have gone wrong, because many artists fail when it comes to soundtrack material. Thatís where they always show themselves from their least interesting side. Not so Prypisme though! In fact, they came up with nearly eighty minutes of music, spread over twenty-nine tracks that have been collected on the double CDs Epic Loon (Video Game Soundtrack). The good thing about it is that although there are occasional typical soundtrack moments, you can listen to it like a normal Pryapisme album, although a very long one.

It is known that Pryapisme have been inspired by the more unusual music of the Seventies, like King Crimson and the Rock In Opposition movement, but they are also familiar with Mr. Bungle and Secret Chiefs 3. And yet these are only influences, because in the end, Pryapisme sound like no other band out there. Back in the old days, the started out as a duo, but meanwhile the band has grown to a quintet. They self-deprecatingly see themselves as a "10-year-old child raised by Saint Seiya trying to play a DragonForce track on Guitar Hero while eating a pizza with extra cheese" which is a good hint at the crazy humour you can expect. Unlike on their last album which contained longer tracks, we get this time shorter pieces that take you in every direction at once, and even cross unimaginable boundaries to let you hear sounds that you might have thought impossible. There is metal, modern classical arrangement, forays into ethnic music, hard thumping techno beats, and a lot of chiptunes, which is normal, considering that this is a video game soundtrack. All of these different ingredients might happen over the course of a single minute, because these hyperactive and hypercaffeinated gentlemen donít like to dwell on one idea for more than a few seconds.

Itís a good thing that the songs have been distributed over two CDs, because no sane person could listen to this for eighty minutes without a break. The band is of course conscious of the fact that mainstream listeners will be hopelessly overwhelmed by their music. But who knows? Maybe young video game players will get to know and to like their music while playing Epic Loon, a game which will be released on my different platforms. I am not so much of a player, because I lack the patience and skills, but this soundtrack is a revelation. Maybe I slightly preferred last yearís album, but this is as close to perfection as you can get.

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