RANDALE - Kinderkrachkiste

Randale - Kinderkrachkiste

17 songs
52:59 minutes
***** **
Sauerländer Audio


Bielefeld based band Randale has been playing rock music for children aged five and more since 2004. Adults can of course also enjoy the music, provided they are parents. The four musicians have in the fifteen years of their band history released already more than a dozen CDs and EPs. Despite occasional serious lyrics, slogans like "No Sleep ‘til Kinderzimmer" and "Never Mind the Blockflöte" show that there is also plenty of room for fun.

Kinderkrachkiste is a reference to Rappelkiste, and consequently the album begins with the theme song from this acclaimed German children’s TV show from the Seventies and early Eighties. The title track is about adults should not get mad when children are noisy, because adults used to be noisy children too. Stylistically we get mostly rock and pop with occasional reggae undertones, with pedagogically important lyrics that are about children’s everyday lives. On the rock songs Polizei and Blitz und Donner, they tell children not to be afraid of the police and thunderstorms. Willi Wal is a tame pop song but tells the valuable story of how our oceans are polluted with mineral oil and plastic trash. The reggae track Bürgermeiser is pleading for equal rights for everyone. It’s funny how the anarchic punk genre is used on Kommando Ampel to tell kids to respect traffic lights. There are also more fun topics as the sea shanty Hey Du, Bällebad and Trompete, as children not always need moral lessons but also sometimes just harmless fun. The Randale musicians also have a background in heavy metal music, as they have shown in the past with Möhrenhemd, their tribute to Motörhead. This time they perform Iron Möhre as a clear nod to Iron Maiden.

I guess that as soon as puberty hits, Randale are no longer interesting for you until you are an adult and have young children for yourself. As I still belong to the latter category, I can enjoy their music and also guarantee that Randale are much more entertaining than the majority of CDs aimed at children that are often just painful to listen to.

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