RANDALE - Randale im Krankenhaus

Randale - Randale im Krankenhaus

15 songs
48:35 minutes
***** ***


Since 2004, German band Randale has been specialising in writing rock music aimed at kids. They especially try to instil a pedagogical component into their lyrics. In the past they treated topics relevant to children like respecting humans and animals, hygiene, environmental protection, safety, health,... This time, their album Randale im Krankenhaus has been made with the support of the Evangelische Klinikum Bethel, a children’s hospital from Bielefeld.

Songs to give little patients courage, is the motto of the album, and its goal is to take children the fear of being in hospital. Of course this is never a good experience for anyone, but they try to give it a positive vibe. The lyrics are dealing with the features of a hospital room, doctors and nurses, hygiene, hospital clowns, hospital food but also boredom and homesickness.

From a musical perspective, the band isn’t adhering to one single direction. Instead we get songs from all kinds of different genres: indie rock (Randale im Krankenhaus), surf music (Superdoppeldoof), rockabilly (Rock’a’Billy Röntgen), world music (Afrika – Randale!) are only a few examples. My personal favourite is 1000 Farben bunt where Randale manage to sound like Kettcar at their best. They also made a video clip for Rutsch Ping Pong, a rather simple track, but coming with guests like Mirja Boes, Volker Rosin and a lot of other people. The album ends with Möhrenhemd, not fitting into the context of this record, but still a wonderful punk tribute to the late Lemmy Kilmister, sounding like a weird crossbreed between Motörhead and Eisenpimmel.

Even though my eight-year-old daughter thinks there are way too many guitars in the music, I applaud the band for trying to initiate children to rock music. This may not be a classic like the band’s earlier effort Punkpanda Peter, but Randale im Krankenhaus is still a huge improvement on the lacklustre predecessor Randale Rock’n’Roll. This is definitely one of the band’s best efforts to date, and I won’t give up proselytising my daughter with their music.

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