RON CORONA - Fun Burst

Ron Corona - Fun Burst

10 songs
28:12 minutes
***** **


Ever since reading Irwin Chusidís essay collection Songs in the Key of Z, I have been fascinated by outsider artists. The most common names are Daniel Johnston and the late Wesley Willis who even achieved some kind of mainstream success. And then you have those truly obscure tinkerers that may remain hidden forever in the underground, although their craft is occasionally surprisingly good. Take for instance Ron Corona from St. Louis in the dead centre of the USA. By day, he is a computer analyst with a Ph.D., and by night he performs his own vision of power pop meets pop punk meets rockíníroll. The cornerstones of his music are AM radio of the late Seventies and the early Eighties, and especially the Cars, but also the simple melodic efficiency of the Ramones. There are also hints of Weezer, but I guess thatís mostly because they share the same influences.

All of this would not be enough to label Ron Corona an outsider artist, but in times where bands sometimes have thousands of followers on social media before they even released their first piece of music, Ron Corona comes with a Facebook page that has currently 14 people liking it! Thatís hardly enough to conquer the rock world by storm. Apart from some music stores selling digital copies of his record, you wonít find much information about the man and his music.

And yet Ron Corona doesnít seem to care at all. His songs are usually between two and three and a half minutes long, come with infectious melodies that you will be able to sing along to half a minute into the song. The pace is generally upbeat, the mood is a cheery one. The music is dominated by the rhythm guitar, and Ronís somehow reluctant vocals, that fit well with the diffident production that feels more like a demo recording than a professional product. And thatís where the charm comes into play. There is an incredible innocence to this product, something you wouldnít believe possible in this day and time where you think you might have seen and heard everything possible. Yet set apart from this, in a little pocket universe, you will find Ron Corona clinging to his dream of speedy power pop hymns. They may not sound like coming from a high-tech recording studio, but they are full of heart and soul!

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