SARAH SOPHIE - Different

Sarah Sophie - Different

13 songs
42:10 minutes
***** *


Even though the name hints at a solo artist, Sarah Sophie is actually a band featuring the vocalist with the same name. Not truly an original choice for a band name, but that shouldn’t deter us from sampling her/their music, provided you are not afraid of mellower music. The quartet from Munich plays guitar, bass and piano. You won’t find a drummer, but instead are treated with a human beatbox that is providing the necessary rhythm. After the debut Looking For Perception, Different is the Sarah Sophie’s second album.

The opener What’s Wrong is a pleasant pop track with accompanying piano. Its catchiness gives it a certain hit potential. This has also been one of the strongest songs of the album. A lot of the following material feels a little too unspectacular and minimalist for my taste. A but like Suzanne Vega maybe, but then I am no expert in that musical field. For My Lover could be the musical backdrop for a car commercial, and the acoustic A Million Times might be a fitting soundtrack for a road movie through sunny Nevada, but these are just my impressions, and it is very well possible that you will feel something completely different. One thing’s for sure though: Sarah Sophie never loses her composure.

I have to admit that I often lack the patience to listen to such quiet albums. But even I have to concede that Sarah Sophie has a very pleasant and never intrusive voice. If the songs don’t happen to win me over, it’s not her but only a certain lack of pace.

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