SCHAKAL - Schakal

Schakal - Schakal

13 songs
56:26 minutes
***** ***


No, it’s not Batman adorning the cover artwork, but a jackal, which makes sense considering the band’s name. The German band Schakal is so fascinated by this animal that they play their live shows wearing jackal costumes and masks, reminding of Mexican wrestling outfits, no matter how hot it becomes underneath due to the stage’s spotlights.

From a musical point of view, Schakal are offering something very pleasant which should appeal to rock and metal fans alike. Not only of the German lyrics, but also vocalist Roland Scharf’s performance allow comparisons to Subway To Sally. Schakal may not have that much of a folk component, but the dramatic definitely plays a huge role in their music. The three-piece writes songs that never lack power and always contain enough mood and tempo changes. The recipe may not be a new one, but it is working excellently on the eponymous debut album. I especially favour the more playful material, like Im falschen Leben and Süßes Entsetzen. But the rougher Der grimme Schnitter is also not a bad piece. The concluding Antiquar der Lüge is even surprisingly complex. Only on Bauernopfer, the band is lacking some of that spirit.

Despite its generous length, this debut album has become a very refreshing listening experience. A lot of German bands perform currently in their native language, but few of them achieve the same sprightliness as Schakal. Let’s hope that they will never lose any of their uncompromising attitude.

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