SECUTOR - Stand Defiant

Secutor - Stand Defiant

8 songs
34:28 minutes
***** ***


Three years ago Koblenz based thrash metal band Secutor left a solid impression with their EP Thrash Or Die, where the title was already the name of the game. Fans of traditional Teutonic thrash from the Eighties had a field day with this record reminding of Destruction, Kreator and Sodom.

The band stays true to their motto on their first longplayer Stand Defiant. Right with the opener Detonator, fast and heavy riffs are unleashed at the audience. The coarse vocals fit perfectly with the fierce music. The overall product is not really complex, but first of all that was never the intention, and secondly the plan works out. The other songs head into a similar thrash metal direction throughout the unfortunately somewhat short album. Secutor play uncompromising unpolished thrash metal with the necessary roughness. Only the title track tries something different with its darker atmosphere and slower pace, and in my opinion can’t really keep up with the faster material. More to my taste is the groovy and fun Use Of Booze that reminded me of Motörhead. Another highlight is Until We Die, a straight and catchy track that has all it takes to become one of the band’s classics. The production feels somewhat off at times, especially the drum sound which sounds a bit hollow on some tracks. A little more refinement in this aspect might have been in order.

Apart from the miserly length and the sub-optimal drum sound, Secutor show themselves in their best shape. Fans of traditional thrash metal will have no excuse to get past Stand Defiant.

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