THE SEVEN MILE JOURNEY - Templates For Mimesis

The Seven Mile Journey - Templates For Mimesis

5 songs
72:13 minutes
***** ****


Ever since 2001, Danish post rock quartet have released fine albums of instrumental music, featuring songs that are rarely bound by temporal limitations. Itís been five years since their last album Notes For The Synthesis, a long time they used to write their most majestic album yet. Record number five Templates For Mimesis may only have five songs, but they are even more soaring than anything they ever did before.

The opener Substitutes For Oblivion is a ten minute tour de force building on a recurring piano melody, with a thumping bass guitar, pounding drums and a dreamy guitar that recalls a mood not unlike Sigur Ros. The following The Axiom Anomaly is at twenty-one minutes the albumís longest track, and it is here where they show off best how they are a classic post rock band, in the most positive aspect of the expression. They combine the epic soundscapes of Godspeed You! Black Emperor with the more rock attitude of Mogwai. What I mostly like about The Seven Mile Journey is how they limit themselves throughout the album on their four instruments Ė guitar, piano, bass and drums Ė without any special flourishes and still coming up with a vast and soaring sonic tapestry. Also, despite the often gigantic lengths of their songs, they never fall into the trappings of staying overly long in a mellow part, instead there is always something happening around the corner.

Causalities is at a quarter hour another long track, maybe not as exciting as the preceding epic but still fitting well into the overall mood of the album. It may surprise that The Oddmory Principle is a relatively short piece at only five minutes, but maybe even these Danes with a penchant for self-indulgence might want a track to be playable on radio stations. The album concludes with another twenty-minute behemoth. Tutorials offers, just like the preceding twenty-minute monster, all the facets that make out The Seven Mile Journey.

In times where many post rock bands are trying to broaden the genre into new directions, The Seven Mile Journey still play post rock the way it was intended on day one. At times their stripped-down approach may sound dilettante, but donít let yourself be fooled by first impressions. Instead the produce some of the finest and most epic post rock there is, even though it may seem a tad dry at times, they prove that the genre lives from good ideas and not flashy effects. Purists will relish the listening experience. Templates For Mimesis is an excellent addition to the bandís and the genreís canon.

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