SHADOWRISE - Escape From Shadow Island

Shadowrise - Escape From Shadow Island

4 songs
18:41 minutes
***** ****


Dutch metal band Shadowrise have been founded already back in 2009, but it took them seven years before their first release, which is only an EP with four tracks. The main reason for this long time is that it took until 2014 before they found a stable line-up, and then didnít want to rush things. They are currently working on their first longplayer, but the music on Escape From Shadow Island is already an appealing appetiser.

Despite their gorgeous singer Laura, who works also as a model, Shadowrise donít let themselves be pegged as a symphonic metal band. The opener Rise is a fierce track where the clear yet strong female voice is met by male growls. The song contains many pace changes that make for a progressive atmosphere. Next up is Django for which the band made a video clip. This track is stylistically not that different from the opener, and the interaction between brutal and moderate parts works excellently. The vocalist proves that she also masters the higher registers without sounding awkward. Monster is a complexly structured piece with a darker mood that work also well for the band. The concluding title track goes into a more traditional direction by offering classic symphonic metal of the highest order.

Shadowrise prove that they are already able to entertain thoroughly for a short twenty minutes. I had already the pleasure to see them perform a half hour set where their cocktail of symphonic, power, progressive and death metal was also very successful. I hope that their upcoming debut album will continue in that direction.

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