SHIVERS ADDICTION - Choose Your Prison

Shivers Addiction - Choose Your Prison

11 songs
55:38 minutes
***** ***


Founded in 2004, Italian metal band Shivers Addiction was joined after a first demo in 2007 by female vocalist Olga Pezzali and Gino Pecoraro, guitarist of thrash metal legend Nuclear Symphony. A self-released debut followed in 2010, and a few years later, the former vocalist left, to be replaced by Marco Cantoni of prog metal band Cyrax.

The latter’s voice is quite unique, coming with a rather high pitched timbre and a refined sense of drama. This of course allows for comparisons to Cyrax, but in the end Shivers Addiction’s music is somewhat more straightforward, with the band quoting influences like Judas Priest, Savatage and Queensr˙che. At times the vocal performance reminds me a lot of a young Alan Tecchio (Hades, Watchtower, Non-Fiction), and the music also shows parallels to early Crimson Glory and possibly even Vicious Rumors. All of this name dropping doesn’t mean that Shivers Addiction are not original, because they actually come with a quite unique sound.

Combining the slightly progressive heavy metal with thrash and folk metal elements is only the first step. The second one is a sometimes unashamed rock’n’roll attitude that can best be heard on We Live On A Lie and Money Makes The Difference, with the former possibly flirting with hair metal ŕ la Bon Jovi and Europe, while the latter showing parallels to early Gamma Ray. The band’s folk side can be heard on The King And The Guillotine and the seven minute long Painted Arrow, which is in my opinion the album’s undisputed highlight. The band must have felt the same, as it is reprised as a bonus track with operatic female backing vocals, although frankly I prefer the male vocals only version.

Shivers Addiction are not your typical heavy metal band, for better or for worse. I had a hard time getting into the album, even gave it a two week break over the winter holidays, but tackling it with a fresh perspective revealed its charms to me. Open-minded metal fans will definitely like this intriguing mix of different styles (heavy metal, thrash metal, prog metal, folk metal and hard rock) and come to appreciate the often unexpected twists and turns on Choose Your Prison. If only more metal albums took care to craft their own niche!

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