SICK OF SOCIETY - Perlen vor die Säue

Sick Of Society - Perlen vor die Säue

13 songs
26:50 minutes
***** ****


Sick Of Society are one of the longest acting punk and hardcore bands in Germany. In 1991, the quartet released a first tape, and since then they have been busy recording music in the studio. The first time I heard of them was with their second longplayer Underground (1998), and since then I consider myself a fan of the band. They have released more albums, some of which I missed, and some of which I really got to know very well. Perlen vor die Säue is their ninth album, coming after the long six year pause after its predecessor Niemals wie der Rest.

The album title translates into "pearls before swine", which means wasting something on those not worthy, but you definitely won’t waste your time by listening to the short half hour of their new album, which starts with an intro fittingly featuring squealing pigs... at a little over a minute maybe a little too much on the long side. But then things improve with solid Deutschpunk that reminds a little of The Idiots. Sick Of Society write traditional short punk tracks which may not be overly complex but always are a lot of fun. Especially the great choruses make for rousing parts that will stick in your ears. Spieglein, Spieglein and Klare Worte both have what it takes to become classics. Kapunkitalismus has more of a hardcore attitude and is at ninety seconds one of the record’s shortest tracks. Other standout songs are the punk hymns Der Wahnsinn eines Lebens and KAOS bis der Irrsinn tobt. The guys know how to use humour which can be witnessed on the smartly titled Das S im Wort Arbeit. Even though some tracks are simply dealing with the fun parts of life, politics also are an important aspect of the lyrics. Sick Of Society denounce, in accordance with the name, the current political climate in Germany and are warning of nationalism and the rRenaissance of the brown ideology. The album ends with the acoustic So ist das Leben, a pleasant conclusion to this really great album.

Deutschpunk isn’t as hip as it used to be a few decades back, and that’s why I really enjoyed listening to Sick Of Society’s Perlen vor die Säue, an album that reminded me of bands like Slime and the Idiots from thirty years ago. The album may be short, but that’s what you get when you play fast punk tunes. Just lie back and enjoy the material.

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