Sinbreed - IV

10 songs
48:23 minutes
***** ****
Massacre Records


Although German power metal band Sinbreed has been around since 2008 and has released already three albums in the past, I somehow managed to miss them. This has now changed with their fourth longplayer, simply titled IV. Apart from a record label change, they also switched two musicians, so that only three members from the original line-up remain. New members are Dutch vocalist Nick Hollemann and Spanish guitarist Manuel Seoane. The band also shares their drummer with Blind Guardian, as Frederik Ehmke is currently playing in both bands. The new album has been produced by guitarist Flo Laurin.

Nick Hollemann joined the band already in 2016 and was therefore actively involved in the songwriting, which helps to distinguish the new album from its predecessors. His clear and powerful vocals add surplus value to the music. From a musical perspective, Sinbreed successfully combine melodies, harmonies and the necessary heaviness. The songs cover everything from the more measured to the harder territory. At times the band even sounds cheerful, as on the euphoric Wasted Trust, and the happy-go-lucky Into The Arena might be labelled as Disney on Metal. The bandís heavier side can be heard on Final Call, The Purge and Pride Strikes, and on At Least I Am they are even using growls.

It is often said that a bandís third album is the make-it-or-break-it moment. With Sinbreed this might just happen with their fourth album. Innovative ideas and an undeniable joy of playing allow the band to set themselves apart from the mainstream of power metal. The changes applied over the last two years have left their traces, in a good way. If the band continues with their current motivation and euphoria, they might make it big.

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