SIPPING - Fin d'une ère

Sipping - Fin d'une ère

12 songs
38:59 minutes
***** **
M & O


The six musicians forming Sipping are still very young. They have been together for only two years, and got right away signed to M & O Records with their first album Fin d’une ère. So it really looks as if the band is ready to kickstart their career.

It’s been known for some time now that the French metal scene has more to offer than just Lofofora. Sipping dwell however in a musical past and play a genre that was quite popular fifteen years ago. They don’t hide the fact that they are influenced by French nu metal bands like Aqme, Eths and Pleymo. But this isn’t Sipping’s only point of reference. Rap, which is very popular in French suburbs ("banlieues"), also has found its path into the music. This may have reinforced the band’s decision to keep the lyrics in their mother tongue, making it easier for the vocals to transfer a clear message.

Sipping are a sextet with two vocalists, one of which does the clean rap vocals and the other one is in charge of the metal parts. The balance between melody and rhythm works fine, resulting in classic crossover that reminds of legendary bands like Rage Against The Machine and The Deftones. Even if back in the old days I wasn’t too fond of that genre, I do like it better new when faced with countless metalcore clones. You’ll get perfectly delivered harmonies on Mon Temps that shows some parallels to Linkin Park. Boobies and the title track are two further highlights. Occasionally Sipping are acting more aggressively, as on the brutal Emmuré which seems to be flirting with deathcore.

Their music sounds quite strong on CD, but I can imagine that Sipping are an even bigger force when playing live on stage. The album is maybe a little on the short side. If you subtract the intro, interlude and outro, you are left with only nine regular songs. The first step has been done successfully, and I believe that Sipping have enough potential that is just waiting to be revealed.

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