SK┴LMÍLD - Me­ VŠttum

Skßlm÷ld - Me­ VŠttum

8 songs
50:23 minutes
***** ****


Next to Sˇlstafir, Skßlm÷ld are certainly one of the most popular metal bands from the small island country Iceland. Their first two CDs Baldur and B÷rn Loka left already a solid impression, and the third album, which is apparently crucial for the further development of a band’s career, sees the band progressing in another dramatic step forward. As in the past, the band deals lyrically with old Icelandic legends. This time it’s about a nameless heroine who visits the four corners of Iceland during the four seasons. At every corner, she has to vanquish a villain with the help of a nature spirit. The album contains eight tracks, four of which start with the word “A­”, and another four start with the word “Me­”.

Skßlm÷ld can be labelled a Viking metal band, even though they are one of the heavier ones, which can be witnessed already on the opener A­ Vori. This is a brutal song that comes straight to the point, yet there are also the typical male choirs that you would expect from their genre. Me­ Fuglum is a similarly upbeat track, but has double the length and thus offers even more room for epic moments. A­ Sumri is a melancholic mid-tempo song which surprises towards the end with growls and shrieks. Me­ Drekum is a true masterpiece where the band is dishing out marvellous tempo changes and wonderful choir arrangements. A­ Hausti has been made into a videoclip. It is another faster track which has a folk flair and puts the emphasis on the two different sounding vocalists. The ten minute long Me­ J÷tnum is surprisingly melodic and even offers clean vocals. Its middle part has a heavy touch that reminded me a little of Chopin. The following A­ Vetri is fast and a little chaotic, before the album ends with the nine minute long and incredibly varied Me­ Gri­ungum in a very dramatic way.

If you like your metal heavy and full of catchy hymns, then Skßlm÷ld is just the right band for you. The sextet is able to write powerful songs full of pace and mood changes. No matter if on CD or live on stage, Skßlm÷ld never failed to amaze me in 2014. Let’s hope that their current energy won’t leave them anytime soon and that more such great albums will follow in the years to come.

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