SKARLETT RIOT - Regenerate

Skarlett Riot - Regenerate

10 songs
39:26 minutes
***** **


English alternative metal band Skarlett Riot was founded in 2012. They were centred around the quite attractive vocalist and guitarist Skarlett, who apart from having strong stage presence also changes the colour of her hair the way other people change their underwear. Their debut EP Sentience was released on several small labels, and got such great feedback that their first longplayer Regenerate has been published on the renowned Swedish indie label Despotz.

Skarlett Riot play modern metal and donít even try to hide that they have been influenced by contemporary rock bands like Halestorm, Bullet For My Valentine and Asking Alexandria. This may scare away some of the elder listeners, but it must be said that there is a lot of positive energy within Skarlett Riotís music.

The opener Break is a straight rocker that still finds room for quieter moments. Despite its commercial touch, the song has enough edge to make it all work. Skarlett Riot put a lot of emphasis on catchy songwriting, with tracks like Closer and Stand Alone sticking right in your brain without getting on your nerves though. Many of their songs come with fat guitar riffs and tons of groove, before things become more melodic during the chorus and occasionally even melancholic. Skarlett has a perfectly developed voice that masters everything from the normal to the high registers. The songs are also more than decently instrumented. Despite all these compliments, it alas must also be noted that in the end the songs often sound rather alike. This is where Skarlett Riot are still a little behind to their more mature and varied competition.

You can draw parallels between Skarlett Riot and a rough diamond that still needs to be cut and polished. Regenerate is definitely a worthy product, especially considering that it is the bandís debut longplayer. Now the band needs to lay back and take enough time and reflection before tackling the next album in order to make it sound more varied. Regenerate is a record you might want to listen to from time to time, but maybe itís not yet quite ready to land in rotation.

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