SKYGLOW - Thousand Years Of Terror

Skyglow - Thousand Years Of Terror

6 songs
41:22 minutes
***** ****


Right now there are a lot of progressive technical death metal bands around, but somehow Skyglow from Russia managed to get my attention more than your average genre band. First of all, the duo consists of two young guys in their early twenties, and although they havenít played live shows yet, their music is brimming with ideas and technical finesse that you can hardly believe that they havenít gathered decades of experience among themselves. The band was founded in 2012 by the teenager Alexander Mokin. A few years later, he was joined by Sergey Stepanenko. While Mokin is in charge of the vocals and the songwriting, Stepanenko plays all the guitars. At first they were called Eyes Of Skyglow, and under that name they released a demo, but then decided to shorten their name simply to Skyglow, and are now ready with their debut longplayer Thousand Years Of Terror. The album only contains six songs, but they are generally between five and six minutes long, except for Losing Humanity which makes it to nearly nine minutes, and the ten-minute title track. The songwriting is incredibly varied, mixing together elements of progressive, technical and melodic death metal, with occasional moments of thrash and folk metal thrown in for good measure.

Mokinís vocals are despite his tender age already very mature and professional, and Stepanenkoís guitar playing is utterly great, at moment from out of this world. Skyglow has been influenced by many bands, but itís lately mostly Death and more modern progressive death metal bands like Necrophagist and Obscura that have left some traces. The long title-track even comes with some guitar riffs that reminded me of Voivod at their most psychotic. As a debut album, Thousand Years Of Terror is an jaw-dropping listening experience. Smart songwriting, flawless technical execution and a brutal production will make this an aural feast for every demanding death metal fan, but what makes Thousand Years Of Terror even more respectable as a work of art are the courageous lyrics that deal with how Russia has always been a country full of corruption, from the time of the Czars, moving to the Stalinist terror and even the not very bright situation in the current political climate established by Putin. Skyglow may not be as provocative or sexy as Pussy Riot, but they have just as much to say and are definitely more listenable to my ears. Two thumbs up for these two young musicians and their exceptional music!

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