THE SLAGS - The Bedroom Tapes

The Slags - The Bedroom Tapes

10 songs
39:11 minutes
***** **
Sabotage Concept


There was not a lot happening with the Slag lately. As far as I know, Run Free from 2006 was their last album, and they rocked really wild on that one. Some of the musicians became mothers, and bass player Anja Kraft tragically died in 2014, so that it’s understandable that the band went on hiatus. Although the remaining band members were all active in projects, they never truly broke apart. Out of respect of their late bass player, they decided to remain a three-piece. The bass parts on the new album have been recorded by Daniel Schröter who is not an official band member.

Drummer Suse Michel, guitarist Conni Maly and vocalist Bine Morgenstern started a successful crowdfunding campaign to finance The Bedroom Tapes. The first thing you will notice is that the ladies have become quiet over the years. The Bedroom Tapes – and yes, the songs have all been written in bedrooms – contains four old and six new songs, all performed acoustically. The transformation from an all-female rock group to an unplugged band makes for mellower music. There are some blues elements (Can’t Stay, Perfume Of The Rose), and also melancholic moments (Take Some Time, Dancing). The multi-layered vocals give the songs a somewhat sad touch. Apart from the classic (unplugged) rock instruments, we get more unusual sounds from a harp and an accordion. The album has been recorded in just four days, and contains very intimate lyrics, dealing with problematic situations one encounters in life, and often there are solutions to be found.

I have to admit that I prefer Run Free to The Bedroom Tapes, but I do have enormous respect of how the band continued through the tragic loss of Anja, which is what she would have wanted. The Slags compare themselves to the Bandits from the eponymous film, and I am certain that there is not a more accurate comparison to be found.

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