SLOT - Septima

Slot - Septima

13 songs
52:26 minutes
***** ****


Nu metal is an expression that was coined at the turn of the millennium, and for a short time this genre was quite the hype. Back then I also liked bands like Slipknot, Mudvayne, Disturbed and the likes, but over the years the movement grew stale and I lost interest. But as always, there are exceptions to the rule, as can be testified by Russian band Slot. The quintet hails from Moscow and has been very active since 2002. Their album titles always indicate where youíre at in their discography, making Septima already their seventh album.

Centre of attention is undoubtedly the extravagant vocalist Daria Stavrovich whose wild dreadlocks and daring outfits make her quite the attractive figure. And yet there is more to her than just looks, as her fantastic voice is covering a lot of territory. Her vocals remind me of Evanescenceís Amy Lee, although Daria is adding even more passion, drama and pathos. Somehow Slot sound like those Eastern European bands taking part at the European Song Contest, except that in their case the final product doesnít sound like trite canned music. Maybe there is a certain degree of kitsch, but it is so overdone that it all becomes entertaining in the end. The band also has a male vocalist in Igor Lobanov who is in charge of the rap vocals that harmonise well with the heavier and catchier parts. Be sure to check out the ultra-cheesy Russian Soul that will definitely stick in your mind. Another highlight is pop sounding and mass appealing Waiting Hall. Some Eastern European folk elements can be heard on I Know. Fear And Aggression comes with a childrenís choir, underlining once more the bandís vast variety. If you like it more brutally with lots of screams, there is always I Believe I Donít Believe.

Unfortunately, modern day Russia feels like quite the oppressive state to live in. Slot stand for the exact opposite, delivering with Septima a colourful album full of the joys of life. This made them in the past a target in their home country, and yet they donít give up and continue relentlessly on their chosen path. It would be great to hear more of such success stories from Russia.

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