SOLACED - System

Solaced - System

4 songs
13:10 minutes
***** ***


Solaced is a metalcore sextet from DŁsseldorf. They havenít been around for that long, but didnít lose any time to provide a worthwhile first impression with their short debut EP System.

Usually I am no friend of intros, but Solaced use theirs to build up suspense. The following title track is also the EPís undisputable highlight. The band sounds extremely varied and itís not only the two vocalists (growls vs. clean vocals) that add to this but also well done pace and rhythm changes. Even if Solacedís music can be labelled metalcore, they show right here that they are definitely able to think outside the box. The following Massenmord is a little more brutal and pleases with its ultra-precise guitar playing. More traditional hardcore and English lyrics can be heard on Your Rights, not a bad song per se, but maybe less inspired than what preceded. The contrast between rough and melodic elements works though.

System definitely does its job as an appetiser. Now the band only has to prove that they can survive as well over the length of a regular longplayer. The first impression is positive enough so that I am looking forward to further deeds that hopefully will happen soon enough.

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