SORROWS PATH - Touching Infinity

Sorrows Path - Touching Infinity

10 songs
37:23 minutes
***** ****
Iron Shield


Life did not always work out fine for Sorrows Path from Greece. Not because of the infamous financial crisis, but because of a severe motorcycle accident by guitarist Kostas Salomidis. As the band didnít want to continue without him, they were on a hiatus between 1998 and 2005. Afterwards, things turned out fine, and they are now back, after two longplayers from 2010 and 2014, with their third album Touching Infinity, showing us the band onace again from a very strong angle.

I was surprised this time by the very short length of the album which doesnít even make it over forty minutes. The two predecessors both made it to nearly an entire hour. That doesnít lessen the quality of the music though. Apart from a Spanish flavoured intro and a piano outro, the album comes with eight high calibre tracks that are between four and five minutes long. Compared to its predecessor Doom Philosophy, Touching Infinity comes with less doom metal elements. The current Sorrows Path rather play a mix between power and epic metal that reminds a little of Candlemassí Nineties sound. The songs are incredibly varied, with occasional hints of progressive metal. Sometimes the guitar riffs are full-on staccato chops, then turn into a fiercer and faster mood, but there is also always room for melodic and even tender moments. The songs are very varied and compact so that they keep the tension from the first to the last note. The band has a very charismatic vocalist in Angelos Ioannidis whose firm and powerful voice adds a dramatic touch to the music. Check out The Subconscious and Revival Of Feminine Grandeur to get an impression of the band at its peak.

Doom Philosophy was already a very fine record, but Touching Infinity is another huge step forward for this talented band. The sound is very homogenous, and although I would have loved a little more quantity, I have no complaints whatsoever when it comes to the quality. If Sorrows Path continue in that direction, they will soon be among the most important Greek metal bands.

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