SPOIL ENGINE - Stormsleeper

Spoil Engine - Stormsleeper

6 songs
24:56 minutes
***** **


Spoil Engine wonít get a prize for the artwork of their otherwise nice digipak. Minuscule dark grey letters on a black background are not ideal for the eyes, and one can only be glad that there is still the Internet where one can find the relevant information on more user-friendly scales. Spoil Engine are from Belgium and have been active since 2004. The band plays a mix of nu metal and metalcore and has released so far three longplayer. Last year the quintet became a sextet through the addition of vocalist Iris who is now supporting original front man Niek.

The current line-up has now released the EP Stormsleeper with six tracks that take no prisoners. The opener Disconnect is a dynamic and groovy track that aims quite clearly at the metalcore faction. Maybe not really original but definitely a labour of love. The following title track is a little more melodic with a catchy chorus that knows how to please. The fast guitar riffs at the end of the song remind pleasantly of Slayer. Classic and solid nu metal follows on Weightless and Hollow Crown where some electronic components offer some variation. The Verdict offers melodic and accessible metalcore, before the EP ends with the surprisingly melancholic Singing Sirens in an unexpected quiet way.

One canít say that Spoil Engine have set new standards with their new EP and still it is an energetic effort that shows that the second vocalist works really well for the band. The question is whether the band really likes this much variety in their sound, or if they are still looking for what direction to head in in the future. One thingís for sure though: you should definitely keep your sights on Spoil Engine.

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