STAINED GLORY - Hate Corrodes

Stained Glory - Hate Corrodes

3 songs
13:58 minutes
***** ***


Most people tend to think only of Sepultura when it comes to heavy metal from South America, forgetting or simply ignoring that the huge continent has a just as huge and varied metal scene. Distance makes it expensive for these artists to come over to Europe, but in the age of global communication, there are no more excuses not to check out the excellent bands from the Southern hemisphere.

Take for instance Stained Glory from Bogota in Colombia, who have been around since 2008 and to my knowledge have released at least one EP prior to their new EP Hate Corrodes, which offers tight modern thrash metal inspired by the likes of Pantera, Gojira, Mastodon and even less metal acts like Alice In Chains and even Johnny Cash, although the latter two didnít leave that much of an impact on the sound, but possibly on the musiciansí no-holds-barred attitude.

Hate Corrodes is only three songs long, but they give quite an impression of the bandís furious energy. Letís start with the opener and single Beast, which is beyond a doubt the EPís highlight. Juxtaposing high speed metal blast with modern groove metal parts, this track will definitely burrow its way into your skull. The vocals vary between harsh/aggressive and melodic/conjuring, backed by a tight rhythm section and a dense dual guitar riff orgy that makes this a prime example of modern thrash metal. Convenient Monstrosity continues in the same direction, with maybe a little less speed, and therefore emphasising the bandís groovier side. The song may be overall a little less melodic but highlights once again the superb guitar playing. And then we come already to the concluding Hate Corrodes, Doubt Divides, the EPís quasi title track that adds again some more steam, with a sluggish verse and a melodic chorus that show one more time how well Stained Glory master the intricacies of modern groove thrash metal.

Produced by Dave Otero, who worked already with the likes of Phil Anselmo, Cattle Decapitation and Cephalic Carnage, Hate Corrodes leaves nothing to chance. Although Stained Glory are yet not that known outside Colombia and/or South America, they didnít feel like sounding amateurish. Instead they delivered a high quality product that should appeal to a wide fan base, and it would be great to hear their full potential on a longplayer, hopefully in the not so distant future.

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