STORMAGE - Dead Of Night

Stormage - Dead Of Night

10 songs
51:09 minutes
***** **


Even though I have never heard of Stormage before, the band has been active for more than twenty years. Most members played from 1996 to 2003 in a band called Anthem, but after a line-up change the name was changed to Stormage. And since then the line-up has been stable, until recently when a new drummer had to be hired.

Stormage began their career busily. The debut album Balance Of Power came out in 2005, and was followed two years later by Sudden Awakening on a small record label. Then it became quiet until now, ten years after their last CD, they are back with album number three Dead Of Night on the bigger record label Massacre Record.

The band plays a mix of heavy metal and power metal that feels vigorous and timely. Even though the songs have different priorities, the musicians try to find a balance between brutal and melodic parts. On their first video single Deadly Blow, you get a successful mix of heaviness and melody, topped by a great guitar solo. Another video clip has been made for Prime Of Life, a mid-tempo track that surprises with a childrenís choir. My favourite song is In The Line Of Fire where Stormage shows themselves from their heavier side. Anguish Of Mind and Heretic Enemy are two further pieces that could become neckbreakers on stage.

The ingredients are not always the same, so that it has to be said that Stormage managed to come with quite a varied album. For my taste, it could have been heavier and crisper, and I could also have done without the quiet Victimís Eyes, but all in all Dead Of Night has become a modern heavy power metal album that should appeal to fans of Brainstorm, Edguy, Powerwolf and the likes.

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