Sundays - WÝrds

7 songs
24:13 minutes
***** ***
White Russian


Five young Belgian musicians that used to play in Ignored, Amokachi and Omerta got together two years ago to found Sundays, a hardcore band inspired by bands like Verse, Defeater and many more. In time when aspiring musicians rather dabble in the brutal deathcore game, itís actually quite a pleasant surprise to come across a band which is grounded in a much more melodic hardcore genre without ever resorting to trite pop clichťs.

WÝrds is the quintetís first EP, coming with seven tracks that alternate between aggression and melancholy. The vocals are quite high pitched, sometimes border on hysteria and yet convey perfectly an anguish that has been with the hardcore genre since its inception in the late Seventies or early Eighties. The two guitars are astonishingly melodic, giving the whole endeavour quite a harmonious and actually straightforward rocking attitude.

The lyrics also have a melancholic quality that are the ideal script for the soundtrack behind them. The opener Power Of One starts quite sedately, reminding me a little of Ceremony, before the second half shows the band from its faster side. Who We Were, What We Did is another of Sundaysí more aggressive songs, whereas the following Still Raging once again enchants with great guitar work that set a melodic counterpart to the angry yet emotional vocals. While I enjoyed the EP from beginning to end, I have to admit that I prefer their more relaxed moments as they just have a truly superior musical quality. The EPís last two tracks, My Flag, My Song and Soul Searching, are two further such examples, thus guaranteeing that Sundays know how to entertain throughout the length of an EP. I donít doubt that they can do the same for a longplayer, hopefully in the not too distant future.

If you like melodic hardcore inspired by the aforementioned bands, but also some of the bands from the early to mid-Nineties, before the genre was infiltrated by metal, then you might find yourself really liking WÝrds, an excellent EP by a very promising young band from Belgium. These guys should have quite a future ahead of them.

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