TELLURION - Tellurion

Tellurion - Tellurion

9 songs
46:53 minutes
***** ***
(self released)


Even though they have been around since 2008, it took Dutch metal band Tellurion until 2014 to release their self-titled debut album. Early in their career, they covered songs by Pantera, Machine Head and Lamb Of God, whose influence can still be discerned on their own material, even though they have added a certain modern metal component.

The brutality of thrash metal is still a fixed feature of Tellurion’s sound. They like to let it rock, with energy and action being the band’s two prime motors. But there is more to them than that. The verses may be performed in a very aggressive manner, but the choruses have a much more modern touch, a little in the vein of Faith No More. Only 22-7 is a truly coarse track. Tellurion are also no strangers to djent, which is like the middle ground between groove and progressive metal. This genre was initiated by Fredrik Thordendal, guitarist of Meshuggah, a band which left a strong influence on Tellurion. Listening to The Architect, you will be flabbergasted to hear such complex music from an as yet unsigned band. Another highlight is Portal Of The Sun, which, apart from its gloomy end, comes with such a dynamic drive that made me think of Waltari. The concluding Ruined should also be mentioned as it stands out with its quiet and atmospheric sound, which also works really well for the band. It is remarkable how much has been delivered here in technical and creative regard.

Tellurion’s debut album is a truly suspenseful experience. Not unlike Meshuggah and Fear Factory, they like to play around with the most diverse influences. Although it is no secret what Tellurion are after (djent...), the listener will never know in advance what will happen next. They may not yet be as proficient as their forefathers, but Tellurion are definitely on the right track.

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