TEMNEIN - White Stained Inferno

Temnein - White Stained Inferno

11 songs
62:53 minutes
***** ***


From nearby Lorraine comes French death metal band Temnein, who three years after their debut 404 B.C. are back with their second album White Stained Inferno. Their first record must have left a huge impact, as they have managed to sign for their second one with the renowned Massacre Records. White Stained Inferno comes with a dramatic concept. The album is about a disease spreading within the body, with the lyrics dealing about the physical and mental agonies involved.

As the lyrics are hard to understand, as is usually the case with death metal bands, the demanding metal fan can concentrate his attention on the full hour of music. After a two-minute instrumental intro, things get going with Ataxia. The shrieks and growls may be somewhat unusual, as they have more in common with the black metal genre, but they still fit well in this excellent songs which comes with smart pace and mood changes. More melodic, and endowed with a great solo, is Denying The Threat which is sounding very Swedish. Whenever the songs come with a slower pace, the band inserts atmospheric and martial elements that make sure that the overall impression is still one of fiercest brutality. There are some tracks that really manage to surprise. Knowledge As A Burden begins like a high speed rollercoaster ride before several twists and turns reveal clean vocals and beautiful guitar harmonies. In fact the band loves to play around with these incredible changes from blast speed to mid-tempo moments. Despite the albumís length of over an hour, there is never a moment of boredom, thanks to the musiciansí impeccable technical abilities.

I have been observing the French metal scene with interest for some years already, and Temnein are another good addition. They may not have reinvented the metal genre, but they are so apt at what they are doing that they make it easy to the top tier. Fans of extreme metal who like their music rather brutal and are not scared away by surprising twists should definitely risk an ear or two.

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