TERAMOBIL - Magnitude Of Thoughts

Teramobil - Magnitude Of Thoughts

7 songs
31:58 minutes
***** ***


After their debut EP Multispectral Supercontinuum from 2013, Montreal instrumental technical extreme metal trio Teramobil are back with their first longplayer Magnitude Of Thoughts. Inspired by the likes of Converge, Dillinger Escape Plan and Gorguts – whose guitarist offered to play a solo on one of the tracks – Teramobil unleash a fierce and fast onslaught of über-technical thrash metal, the likes of which you have rarely heard before. By combining the ferocity of metal with the headiness of fusion jazz, Teramobil remind me at times of Watchtower, Gordion Knot and Spastic Ink, although the Canadian threesome comes across in a much more aggressive way.

The opener Terahertz begins for instance with supersonic drumming and short yet painfully fast guitar arpeggios that instantly prove that we are in the presence of virtuoso musicians. There are some not so fast parts to be found in that song, but the chaotically wild drumming always gives you the impression of being caught in a maelstrom of musical insanity. The following title track is the only more sedate song and comes with a really groovy vibe and even an organ part. From there we go to Thanatonaut with Gorguts’ Luc Lemay guesting on second guitar. This is at six and a half minutes also the album’s longest songs. Usually the guys get things done in shorter time, no surprise really, considering the elevated pace at which they are acting.

In the end you might say that thirty-two minutes is not that much for a longplayer, but Teramobil manage to play so many notes that possibly half an hour is the ideal length. Anything more, and you would feel completely exhausted, and the musicians probably too. Usually I am not too fond of instrumental metal music, but in the case of Teramobil I make an exception. The music is so busy, and the band members have put so much thought into their parts, that I could hardly imagine there being room for a vocalist. Fans of progressive and ultra-technical extreme metal will definitely climax at this orgasmic high-speed fest.

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