TËSCHEGAS - Stad, Land, Goss

Tëschegas - Stad, Land, Goss

10 songs
39:14 minutes
***** ***


Luxembourg’s only, even the world’s only Minette metal band Tëschegas took a little more time this time for their new album. After their debut Industrielle Läichendéngscht, their fans had to wait for two and a half years for its successor Et wuar net keen... mol. Four years passed before the third longplayer Stad, Land, Goss was finally released. The album titles hint at the fact that Tëschegas are singing in their native Luxembourgish tongue, and although this is currently quite the thing with the local hip hop scene, it’s nice to see that also metal bands use the language, even though this is still rather the exception.

The lyrics deal with what is going on in the world, with Tëschegas tackling the topic always with a sarcastic twist. The album title is a fun pun on a popular game. Luxembourg’s Nation Branding agency gets their motto Let’s Make It Happen turned into Let’s Make (Sh)it Happen. The title track laments the skyrocketing living prices in Luxembourg. A highlight comes with Huldang gesinn a stierwen, an ode to the second highest town in the country, on which they are accompanied by local hip hop duo Freshdax, making this an unusual combination that works astonishingly well. Most tracks are heavier though, like the pre-release single Luxembourg’s Next Top Pensionär for which the band made a highly watchable video clip. One should never forget that Tëschegas’ music is not highly complex, but the songs are all good fun, and the musicians’ joy of playing is palpable. Only the overly quiet D’Waasser vum Liewen is running too close to kitsch and can’t really convince me.

All in all, it must be said that Stad, Land, Goss has become a really good album. It helps to understand the language to truly appreciate the songs, but eve those unfamiliar with Luxembourgish can still enjoy the album. The collaboration with Freshdax shows that Tëschegas don’t shy away from foreign influences. A funny fact is that none of the musicians have a metal background and still decided to form a metal band.

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