The Tex Avery Syndrome - Wolf City

6 songs
20:30 minutes
***** **
Finest Noise


Early 2012 five musicians from Frankfurt founded The Tex Avery Syndrome. Vocalist Laura Gierl is the focal point of attention with her raw voice that doesnít have to hide between the prevalent male singers in the hardcore and metalcore genres. The band name is quite fitting, considering the crazy brutal antics of the comic artist that translate well into the bandís musical orientation.

The bandís songs are not really complex, but therefore never lack power. The Tex Avery Syndrome cite Lamb Of God as their biggest influence, which should give you a general impression of what to expect. The songs come with the necessary amount of pace changes, so that there are always driving straightforward moments that will smash you right in the face, coupled with mid-tempo or even sometimes short sluggish breaks. I wonít pick out any single song, because they all work at the same level, making this EP a very entertaining affair.

But there should be room for some criticism. Even though Wolfcity leaves a good impression for a debut, it needs to be said that there are currently a lot of bands doing something similar, making it hard for the average listener to discover The Tex Avery Syndrome. I can imagine that the band works much more intensely on stage than on CD where progress is definitely still possible. The production could be somewhat more powerful, especially the drums come with a rather thin sound. I am optimistic that the hopefully soon upcoming longplayer will improve in that direction, because there is an undeniable passion that one can only hope will soon translate into the bandís sound.

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