THIS LIFE - Stories Of The Year

This Life - Stories Of The Year

6 songs
14:27 minutes
***** **
Never Trust An Asshole


Some bands like to keep things short. Take for instance This Life, a young positive hardcore band from Toulouse in the south of France. Two years after their debut album Lies About The Truth, the quintet is back with the six track EP Stories Of The Year, clocking in just under fifteen minutes.

When This Life are at their best, they are a truly inspiring hardcore band that doesnít have to hide behind their idols Comeback Kid, Verse and Have Heart, but considering this is only an EP, the approach leaves something to be desired. Take for instance the opener Rebirth, with not even one and a half minute running time more of an intro than a regular song. The following Fourteen Tears is a fast and aggressive hardcore onslaught that is quite good but doesnít show yet all of the bandís strengths. The EPís highlight is the nearly three minute long New Anthem where the guys really give it all. This is a fast and highly melodic hardcore anthem that comes with unforgettable melody lines.

The EPís second half starts with another brutal track. Food vs Health is a solid hardcore track but is also proof that the band is at their best when they are performing their more melodic material, like the following About Nothingness, also the only song longer than three minutes on this record. The concluding piece is an acoustic version of Who Order Who, a song that was featured in its original electric version on the bandís debut.

So we are left with an intro, an acoustic piece, two brutal and two melodic tracks. The latter two are really great and I can only hope that the band will focus most of their energies on those, although they shouldnít entirely give up on their aggressive side. Itís the mix that does it. Except that on this rather short EP, two more tracks would have given a more lasting impression. And still, Stories Of The Year is a nice enough visiting card that will leave you hungry for more.

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