Thunderfuck and the Deadly Romantics - Dirty Sleazy Rock'n'Roll

12 songs
43:38 minutes


Occasionally I come across albums I donít like at first but then they are growing on me. And then there are those few that I initially find interesting but get to despise really bad the more I listen to them. One such example is Dirty Sleazy Rock'n'Roll by Canadian hard rock / punk rock hybrid Thunderfuck and the Deadly Romantics. What they are doing is totally over the top, with song titles like Anal Annie, Letís Fuck, Go Fuck Yourself,... It seems as if vocalist Thunderfuck wants to be a modern day El Duce or GG Allin, but unlike those two late degenerates, I glimpse a vulnerability underneath Thunderfuckís persona that is anything but punk. In fact his misogynistic lyrics that sometimes even enter rapey territory are not funny but only despicable. The album ends for instance with a song called Me Too where Thunderfuck claims with typical white male privilege that itís not only women that suffer from sexual abuseÖ poor rock star that he is, or rather wants to be. A lot of lyrics are also about how he doesnít care what people think about him, but if that were the case, why does he need to have so many songs about exactly that topic. El Duce and GG Allin certainly werenít role models, but at least they lived the degenerate life they sang about and made the world a favour by dying accordingly young. With Thunderfuck, it feels like a parody that lacks the charm and finesse of Turnonegro or Steel Panther, for instance.

That leaves us with the music, which is totally derivative, from guitar riffs merrily borrowed or stolen from the Sex Pistols, AC/DC, New York Dolls, etc. At times itís not even done half bad, and you feel sorry for the Deadly Romantics whose good chops are pulled down by their vocalistís sexist attitude. The albumís production also gives too much weight to the vocals which are not that great, possibly because they are just too loud in the mix. Also the few guitar solos are not always doing it right.

So who should buy Dirty Sleazy RockíníRoll? I guess the target audience is thirty year old man children who still live in their motherís basement, never having had a true relationship, watching porn all day on the Internet and dreaming of debasing women from behind. Anybody else is better served with the bandís influences that do this a whole lot better!

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