THUNDERMOTHER - Thundermother

Thundermother - Thundermother

12 songs
47:12 minutes
***** **


Sometimes the end prepares the ground for a new beginning. When band leader Filippa Nšssil kicked out her entire band in the Spring of 2017, I believed that this was after two great studio albums the end of Swedish band Thundermother. But two months later, without any unnecessary casting sessions, thanks to numerous contacts, a new line-up was ready. The quintet was reduced to a quartet, and last Summer the band could show off their new members in front of 10.000 spectators at the Wacken Open Air festival.

In Spring this year, a new album simply titled Thundermother saw the light of day. The tour has been called fittingly Revival. The question is how much has changed with Thundermother. Guitarist Filippa still holds all the reins and is solely in charge of the songwriting. Therefore the sound is still quite the same, with the band shamelessly playing AC/DC inspired hard rock, although with a female vocalist. The opener Revival is a rather easy-going piece of music, showing from the start where the band is heading with their newest album. Even though traditional guitar riffs are still the order of the day, there are also some changes to the previous albums. If this is a good thing or not is up to the listener. It is clear though that the band has opted for a more commercial direction. There are still some powerful rockers like the wild Whatever and Quitter, but they are the exception. Racing On Mainstreet is very catchy and has all it takes to become a band classic. But not all tracks manage to be so rousing. The ballad Fire In The Rain is too stale and could as well have come from Alanis Morissette. Hanging At My Door combines rock with country and blues, definitely also not one of the albumís brighter moments.

Itís probably normal that such a huge line-up change had an impact on the bandís sound. And yet I have to admit that I prefer the bandís earlier album. Thundermother is not a bad record, and will certainly appeal to fans of straight rock music, but somehow the initial spark seems to have gone. We can only hope that the band will rekindle their music for the fourth album. Maybe they could call it then Back To Basics.

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