Tommy and the Commies - Here Come...

8 songs
16:06 minutes
***** ****


Sometimes you donít need a lot of words to describe an album. Here Come... is the debut album from Canadian mod punks Tommy and the Commies. Eight songs in sixteen minutes should tell you that these guys donít like to self-indulge but rather get directly to the point.

When I was young, the Buzzcocksí compilation Singles Going Steady was in constant rotation. Here Come... sounds like a forgotten addendum to that classic of early melodic punk rock. Tommy and the Commies donít spoil us with a lot of music, and Here ComeÖ can hardly be called a longplayer, but it must be said that every song is a hit.

With a production that sounds like coming straight from the late Seventies, we get shattering drums, simple yet effective bass lines, smart guitar lines and excellent melodic vocals. If the Sex Pistols were to snotty for you, and the Clash too political and intellectual, chances are that you were more into the Buzzcocks and the Undertones. If thatís the case, you will absolutely love the debut album by these Canadian newcomers. Maximum rating minus one point for the too short running time.

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