TOPSY TURVY'S - I Expect Nothing And I'm Still Let Down

Topsy Turvy's - I Expect Nothing And I'm Still Let Down

6 songs
20:28 minutes
***** ***
Never Trust An Asshole


Coming from the west-central French town of Poitiers, Topsy Turvyís are a melodic pop punk quartet that is firmly grounded in the DIY spirit. With mixed male/female vocals, only the drummer can do without a microphone. So far the band released two EPs and two split records, making I Expect Nothing And Iím Still Let Down their third EP, and also currently the only one you have to pay for on their Bandcamp page. The back catalogue is available as pay what you like downloads.

It would be a mistake though to limit your focus on their free archive material, as the six song on the new EP are really quite brilliant. The mixed vocals work really great together, especially since they all sing more or less in the same pitch, giving the songs a well-rounded flair that makes it hard to believe that these guys come from a medium-sized French city. In fact they have a very American sound reminiscent of the melodic emo pop punk (pre-screamo) of the late Nineties to the early years of the new millennium. The songs range from upbeat mid-tempo to faster although never exceedingly speedy rockers, with parallels from Weezer to more obscure indie pop punk bands, like for instance Slingshot Dakota that came spontaneously to my mind. Thereís really not much else to say, except it would be nice to hear a longplayer from this band, because twenty minutes seem just too short, and I have no doubt that Topsy Turvyís have what it takes to fill a regular album with great music. According to the bandís DIY attitude, I Expect Nothing And Iím Still Let Down has been released simultaneously on nine different labels, so you have your pick where to buy it. And buy it you should, because itís a really entertaining experience.

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