TRACER - Water For Thirsty Dogs

Tracer - Water For Thirsty Dogs

10 songs
40:31 minutes
***** ***
OMN Label Service


Australia is best known for its earthy hard rock sound. This began in the Seventies with classic artists like AC/DC and Rose Tattoo, and even today bands like Airbourne play faithful tributes to the good, old times. Tracer is a trio from Adelaide that according to the info sheet could be placed in the same corner. As I am usually not such a big fan of hard rock, I wasnít at first not so eager to listen to their third album Water For Thirty Dogs.

The trio has been active since 2004 and soon shows that there is more to their sound than mere hard rock music. The opener and title track surprises with a strong grunge flair that reminded me of Alice In Chains. Starting really slowly, the song builds up momentum until it is a genuine rocker. As a matter of fact the grunge component is rather pronounced, especially on the more melancholic and sentimental tracks like Tremors and Weíre Only Animals that sound like the more depressive moments of Nirvana. And yet Water For Thirsty Dogs is not an actual grunge album. Us Against The World is a stoner rock track, and there is also traditional rock (Astronaut Juggernaut, Halfway To Zero) that reminded me of early Scorpions.

There is not much more to write about Water For Thirsty Dogs. Itís a powerful and catchy rock album that despite its lack of originality still makes a lot of fun. The band decided to forego a labelís support and financed the album with a crowdfunding scheme. The final result and the bandís courage to do things on their own both deserve respect.

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