Transnadežnost' - Monomyth

7 songs
50:52 minutes
***** ***


This quartet with an unspeakable name (for non-Russian speakers!) comes from Saint Petersburg and plays instrumental heavy psychedelic stoner rock. This is certainly nothing groundbreakingly new, but when done properly, it can still entertain. Transnadežnost' released two singles in 2015 and 2017, and are now back with their first proper longplayer. As far as I can see, there are three tracks re-recorded from the singles, and four new pieces.

The album begins with Pacha Mama, a six-minute track that uses tension and momentum to transform itself from a sedate rumination to an explosive psyche rock outburst. This is how you do it! The following two songs, Ladoga and Kailash, were already featured on the band’s first single, and they do more or less the same as the opener, only that they take each well over eight minutes to fulfil their goal. Nice enough but not as punch-in-the-face as the opener. But from the fourth track onwards, things become more interesting again. Star Child is a four-and-a-half-minute short ballad that comes with a warm trumpet part that adds a certain jazz flair that works incredibly well with Transnadežnost's sound. Huldra is the only song with vocals, and this far into the album, this makes for some welcome variety. Not that the guys need a vocalist all the time, but the occasional lyric parts would make the music also more interesting for those not so into purely instrumental music. Chewbacca is at under three minutes the shortest piece, but still does feel like a thought through composition. The album ends with the twelve-minute monster Day/Night which is ultra-trippy and once again features a trumpet part that adds to the adventure.

Monomyth may not reinvent the heavy psyche stoner genre, but it is a competent effort of a talented band that keeps its better material for the album’s second half. It is well worth to spend your time with these four heavy rocking Russians.

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